We are a family run business Ten Star Store Ltd. registered in London.
As we like high quality electronics and smart devices, and love selling products online we have partnered with a Dutch company Nedis, and would like to offer these products to you, too.
With the headquarters in Netherlands in MC ‘s-Hertogenbosch and UK subsidiary in Leicerter the company offer a good support. They recently celebrated their 35th year in business.
All the brands sold in this website belong to Nedis.

Why we chose Nedis as a partner?
Nedis have long experience. They have high quality standards. Each new product they introduce undertakes vigorous lab testing to ensure the highest possible product standards.
We can view Declaration of Conformity, Material Safety Data Sheets and special product certifications.
If our customers have any questions or would like to see a document, we can request it from Nedis or customers can directly ask, too.

Customer satisfaction is one of Nedis’s core values. They work hard to ensure that the products we sell to our customers meet the strictest European and national regulations on products and documentation.

Another core value is social compliance. Nedis are part of Amfori, a Worldwide social compliance initiative that works to improve working conditions in supplying factories worldwide and achieve sustainable supply chains.

Please take a good look around, hope you will find something useful for yourself and your family.

We offer UK delivery only currently.