Security cameras are available in all kinds of variants. One of the variants that you’ll find in our assortment is the IP camera. With an IP cam it is very simple to keep an eye on your property.
What is an IP camera?
An IP camera is a security camera or surveillance camera that is connected to a computer network in order to send video files to your computer or smartphone. These cameras often use Wi-Fi or Ethernet to send records to a device so you can watch them live or afterwards. With an IP camera it is possible to view your property remotely, from anywhere in the world. It’s a great solution when you are on holiday and want to check if you’re house is still in the same condition as when you locked the door after you put the last suitcase in the car. Or when it is New Year’s Eve, you are on a party and you want to check if no strange things have happened in your home. Whatever the reason is you want to check on your property, an IP camera is always a good idea!

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