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Improve the blood circulation of your neck and head with this relaxing massage pillow. You can choose out of 6 different massage modes. It relaxes your muscles, increases the oxygen supply to the brain, and relieves tiredness and pain. The pillow adapts to different postures to support your neck and spine.

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General information
• 6 Massage modes
• Relaxes muscles
• Increases oxygen supply to the brain
• Relieves tiredness
• Relieves pain
• Adapts to the body

Product specifications
Usage : Massage
Type : Pillow
Feature : Speed Control
Colour : Green
Material : Plastic
Input voltage : 3 V
No. of settings : 6 Massage Settings
Battery type : 2x AA

Weight packed: 455g

Package contents
Massage pillow
Quick start guide (download here .pdf)

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Additional information

Weight 455 g



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