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This smart wireless smoke detector alerts you if there is either smoke or an excessive build up of heat – and it does so with a loud alarm for those nearby and an alert sent to your phone wherever you may be.

Easy to install, this smoke and heat detector simply connects to your Wi-Fi with no need of a hub.

It offers the peace of mind of two safety features, detecting both smoke and a rapid increase in temperature.

It can be simply paired to other SmartLife products for additional safety features. These could include, for example, having your smart light bulbs switch on when smoke is detected to enable a safe exit.

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• Wi-Fi smoke detector – alerts you of both smoke and excessive increases in temperatures for complete peace of mind
• Easy to connect to your Wi-Fi – for alerts to your phone
• Loud alarm – to warn those in and around the house of danger
• Can be paired with other SmartLife products – to automatically activate lights when the alarm sounds, for example.

Product specifications
Detector type : Smoke; Heat
Wireless technology : Wi-Fi
Colour : White
EN-compliant : EN14604
Antenna gain : 2 dBi
App available for : Android™ & iOS
Batteries included : 2x AA/R6
Compatible with : Nedis® SmartLife
Frequency range : 2412 – 2484 MHz
Input Voltage : 3 VDC
Max. radio transmit power : 20 dBm
Operating temperature : +5 – +37 °C
Sensor life cycle : 10 Year
Sound : 90 dB

Weight packed: 234g

Package contents
Smoke detector
Installation materials
Quick start guide (download here .pdf) and Nedis SmartLife App Manual (download here .pdf)

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Weight 234 g




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